Exclusive Swiss Alpine Cemeteries

"EXCLUSIVE SWISS ALPINE Sàrl" was established in 2016. The company offers services to people who, after their death, wish to have their ashes buried in the Swiss Alps.


Those interested in these services can seek advice from any funeral directors who are members of the FIAT-IFTA World Organization of Funeral Operatives (www.thanos.org). These funeral services, present throughout the world, offer various burial methods, including the Swiss Alpine Cemeteries sites. They will organise the contract signing and immediate payment in order to book a site.

When the person dies, the funeral and cremation is carried out by the same funeral directors. The ashes are then placed in an urn and transferred by air to Switzerland.

Swiss Alpine Cemeteries will look after the urns, which are kept in a secure and appropriate place. During the season, the ashes are transported to the site chosen by the deceased. The ashes will be placed in a hole drilled into the rock before being sealed with a cone-shaped plug made out of granite stone. The name, date of birth and death will be engraved onto the funeral plaque. The exact position of each site will be recorded by GPS and listed.


This procedure respects nature and the environment
and is completely free of polluting residue.